Meet our new columnist Bonnie Burton

From issue 208 there will be a new face in the pages of SFX magazine

We are pleased to announce that from next issue, writer Bonnie Burton will be joining the print edition of SFX as a new columnist. She joins David Langford (who’s written an opinion piece for us every month since 1995) as a regular contributor to the world’s number one sci-fi magazine.

At the heart of SFX is a passionate love of the genre, as well as a distinctive attitude and style. San Francisco-based Bonnie is well suited to writing in this tradition, and nobody knows fans better than her: her day job is maintaining the official Star Wars blog , as well as writing for . She also runs women’s pop culture website and if you’re the tweeting kind, go say hello to @bonniegrrl . As the founder of she’s been featured in Entertainment Weekly , CNN Headline News, Fast Company and more, so you’ll probably be familiar with her name.

In addition to her online work, she’s written the books Girls Against Girls: Why We Are Mean To Each Other And How We Can Change , You Can Draw: Star Wars , Draw Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Never Threaten To Eat Your Co-Workers . Her most recent publication is the wonderful Star Wars Craft Book (opens in new tab) – we particularly love her “Jabba the Hutt body pillow” project

Having followed Bonnie’s work online for some time, we invited her to be part of the SFX family. Bonnie has long been a reader of the magazine and is looking forward to writing columns that celebrate her love of fandom. Her first page can be found in issue 208. It tackles the thorny issue of how people think about revealing cosplay outfits – is a “slave Leia” costume empowering or degrading? Find out what Bonnie thinks on page 30 of the new-look SFX , available from Wednesday 6 April, and give her a warm welcome!

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