Mass Effect 3: Martin Sheen, Seth Green and other celebs star in new Voice Cast trailer

You don’t get to be a Hollywood star without knowing how to cut a promo or three, so when you get a bunch of known names together to talk about the job they’ve just done, you can be sure the effusive adjectives will flow like champagne at a premiere. When that job’s a star-studded videogame, it’s always fun working out who’s put in some controller-time (Freddie Prinze Jr, Jessica Chobot)… and who’s learning the ropes as they go.

Above: Martin Sheen and Keith David, for starters, probably have a pretty rubbish Gamerscore

Mass Effect 3’s just over a month away, but the game’s demo will be available for download on Valentine’s Day (because BioWare loves you). If this trailer has you interested in the standing-in-booths-talking-to-black-circles side of things, peep our interview with Jennifer Hale, the game’s female lead, from last September.

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