London Anime Con

With voice actors Caitlin Glass ( Fullmetal Alchemist ), MasakoX and many more already (and to be) announced, London Anime Con is shaping up to be the best ever this 9-10 February 2013! Crammed full of anime, gaming and cosplay, it goes on till 1am, offering you not just a full convention, but massive parties later on in the evening too – all included for just £8 per day if you book now at ! Accommodation nearby is also available!

Caitlin Glass is confirmed as guest of honour and will be present for signings and talks. She is best known for our role as Winry Rockbell in Fullmetal Alchemist and featuring in over 50 other anime and gaming roles such as Hannah Annafellows in Black Butler , Cammy in Street Fighter IV / SFxTekken and many more! Read more about the ever growing guest lineup at


• Over a DOZEN Video Game Tournaments – Smash , SSIV , Blazblue , Mortal Kombat , Soul Calibur V , Marvel v Capcom , Mario Kart Wii/7, Pokemon , Halo , Call Of Duty and more
• Watch Latest Anime & Abridged Series
• Maid Cafe
• Cosplay Masquerade
• Otaku Fashion Show
• Manga Workshops
• Voice Acting Workshops
• Artist Alley & Art Stalls
• Buy Anime & Manga Goodies
• Pub Quiz
• Yu Gi Oh, Vanguard & MTG Tournaments
• Cosplay Auction
• Live Music & Bands
• Dub That Anime
• DDR Tournaments
• Cosplay Workshops
• J-Culture Talks
• J-Pop & K-Pop Parties!
• Talent Show

Many more announcements still to come, make sure you stay up to date with all the latest news by following us on twitter @londonanimecon or joining the forums at .

Basic Details

Opening Times: 11am to 1am (10:45am entry if you’re pre-paid)
Pricing: Reduced price entry if you pre-pay now. On the day entry is £10 per day. £5 Evening Entry.
London Anime Con Website:
Guests & Performers List:
Link To Pre-Pay:
Accommodation: Available to book when registering at £39 total for both Friday and Saturday night, or just £58 for from Friday through to Monday

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