The best LG CX deals and prices you can get right now

It feels like everyone is now looking for the best LG CX deals and prices. After taking the world by storm last year, offering some of the best picture quality going and regularly offering great value due to terrific discounts, LG CX offers quickly became hot property as everyone looked to get the best LG TV of recent times into their lives. And it’s no surprise, as the LG CX has been judged by many to the best TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X, the best 120Hz 4K TV, and, as a result, the best gaming TV money can buy.

Getting the ball rolling, here’s what out our bargain-hunting tech can currently find at retailers for the best LG CX deals. It presents the lowest prices first, which means you’ll probably see the smaller sizes at the top as a result.

LG CX deals: what makes it special?

The balance between performance and value in the LG’s CX 4K TV is exceptional. The TVs are so keenly priced that LG CX deals actually aren’t that rare to come across, while what’s beneath the hood means it performs incredibly well and caters for a whole host of users.

In addition, the specs that are hiding under that slick and chic design highlight some key strengths. Firstly, LG’s OLED tech is second to none, and it offers the deepest blacks and dark shades you can get on 4K TVs nowadays. This also helps create intense, vivid contrasts. Furthermore, the overall picture quality is exquisite on these screens, with details and textures portrayed beautifully. 

For gaming, on the other hand, there’s support for 4K/120Hz pictures with HDMI 2.1 connectivity (in the shape of four of those ports), variable refresh rate, auto-low latency mode, and even G-Sync compatibility. It’ll even slot neatly into your smart home tech by being fully compatible with Alexa and Google, while the a9 Gen 3 AI processor will have you experiencing a smooth operating system.

The LG CX is a favourite among the team at GamesRadar, and the four HDMI 2.1 slots are key to this. This is absolutely something to consider for anyone that has both the latest major home consoles – or who is aiming to find PS5 stock or Xbox Series X stock – or those who want to take advantage of the built-in G-Sync by plugging one of the best gaming PCs or best gaming laptops into their new TV.

You can get to 77-inches in most of the variants, but beware: this will start to get you into the price and size range of the likes of the best 4K projector and the best projector for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The latest LG CX deals and prices

LG CX deals

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With the LG CX’s general price point combined with regular deals and the fact it’s been out in the wild for a little while, LG CX deals are becoming increasingly common to pounce upon. So, before you go, you’ll find the latest and best LG CX prices and deals below.

If you’re after something specifically gaming monitor-shaped, then you can browse our guides to the best PS5 monitor, the best PS4 monitor, the best portable monitor. We also have the lowdown on the best G-Sync monitor and best G-Sync compatible FreeSync monitor to complete your research.

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