Kratos in Mortal Kombat: screens and videos of the PS3 exclusive fighter

The verdict is in: the new Mortal Kombat isfun as helland totally worth your time. But PS3 players have a little something extra to look forward to – the ashen God of War, who joins the roster as a Sony-only exclusive character. While he doesn’t exactly tip the scale in favor of the PS3 version over the 360 one (both are equally excellent), Kratos’ appearance is a smart, fitting inclusion; he’s every bit as ruthless and violent as the MK kombatants, so why bring him along for the ride?

Above: Kratos can use the head of Helios to blind opponents

Above: Hermes’ Sandals blast Kratos across the screen, similar to Sub-Zero’s ice slide

Above: A quicktime event in Mortal Kombat? Don’t worry, it’s just a one button move

Above: A still of the fatality in action. Ewww!

Above: Kratos’ alternate costume, his “fear”appearance seenat the end of God of War III

Above: While we’re at it… WTF is the deal with Kratos and Quan Chi? These dudes look awfully similar

Above: Their in-game models. Ashy white skin, red markings, shoulder guards… and Quan Chi’s got about eight years on Kratos

Will the 360 version ever see an exclusive character? Warner Bros and NetherRealm aren’t saying, but we can at least expect DLC additions to the roster for both consoles. Thing is… who’s left from the MK universe you’d like to see? They got all the biggies in, leaving only characters from the Deadly Alliance/Deception days out in the cold. Any of them strike your fancy?

April 19, 2011

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