Killer is Dead: New info on Suda51s latest

Announced last April, Killer is Dead is set in a near future and the story follows professional killer Mondo Zappa as he travels the world completing assignments for his employer–a secretive agency dedicated to executing evil doers and sociopaths.

Other characters include Zappa’s cyborg boss and retired executioner Brian Roses, Zappa’s Japanese assistant Mika Takekawa (she’s good at boiling eggs), and young English colleague Vivian Squall (she’s good at showing off her cleavage). And, finally, there’s a bad guy called Victor, who hopes to poison the world by playing the sound of evil from the top of a tower.

Zappa is equipped with a sword and his left arm has a cybernetic augmentation which is upgradeable and can accommodate a variety of weapons. Once Zappa has dispatched an enemy he can absorb their blood and, once enough has been collected, the player can activate a one-hit kill ‘Adrenaline Burst’ attack.

Killer is Dead is currently scheduled for release on PS3 and Xbox 360 in Japan this summer.

Source: Gematsu

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