Jurassic Park 4 has a pair of screenwriters

Jurassic Park 4 is beginning to move closer to fruition with the news that Universal have hired a pair of screenwriters to work on the script. Better still, they’re none other than Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes duo, Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver.

Having shown an aptitude for writing super-intelligent, human-thwarting apes, they should feel right at home with Isla Nublar’s cunning velociraptors and their host of scaly friends.

Steven Spielberg has already confirmed that he won’t be returning to direct, but his production partner Kathleen Kennedy remains involved, and she has always stressed that the script will be the most important element of any potential sequel.

“A great script is what it’s gonna take to get a fourth Jurassic Park ,” she said at the back end of last year. “We have a very high bar for ourselves because we’re just like the audience, we don’t wanna make the movie if there’s not a reason to make the movie.”

“So we’ve kind of created the dilemma ourselves because it was never intended to be a franchise, so there’s an argument to be made, ‘Why are you doing a fourth Jurassic Park ?’ So we’ve gotta find a good reason for why we’re doing a fourth Jurassic Park and we’re in the midst of working on that right now.”

There’s no release date in sight as yet, but fans of the franchise can get their fix when a 3D treatment of the original film arrives in US cinemas on 19 July, with a UK release soon to follow.

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