Jon Chu talks Masters Of The Universe

Arnie might be dusting off the battle axe to return to the world of Conan The Barbarian , but he’ll have competition in the glistening-pec stakes, with a reboot of Masters Of The Universe also in the works.

Director Jon Chu gave an interview with MTV recently, explaining where the project is currently at, and how his team is seeking to achieve the right tone.

“We’re working on the script, to make it better and stronger,” says Chu. We’re designing a bunch of stuff. I learned on [G.I. Joe: Retaliation] that to make it right, you have to do a lot of experimenting first, and you have to trust that during the process you’ll find where the tonal line is… It’s so delicate.

Masters Of The Universe means so much to a lot of people out there – and myself as well. I don’t want to disappoint my friends! We all grew up with Masters , played with the toys… I had a Castle Grayskull, played with the toys, I had a Battle Cat.

“We’re just designing now, going too far on some things, pulling back on others… Making it more real, or more fantastic. We’re trying to find that line as we go.”

Sounds like rippling muscle-men are back, in a big way…

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