Jason Bateman considers Insane Laws with Vince Vaughn

jason bateman

Jason Bateman is in early talks to play a confused father alongside Vince Vaughn in comedy Insane Laws .

The film will be the directorial debut of screenwriter Jeremy Garelick, who scripted Vaughn’s The Break-Up and re-wrote chunks of the first Hangover .

Insane Laws centres on two friends whose lives are turned upside down when their kids start dating. Making things worse, Vaughn’s daughter then gets pregnant.

Though Bateman has not yet signed any dotted lines, he’s apparently already done a read-through of the script with Vaughn – something that could probably be sold and screened as a movie in its own right.

If he signs on, production on the film is expected to begin this autumn. Both Bateman and Vaughn can bring the funny when they feel like it, so seeing them paired up is definitely an enticing prospect.

Next up, Bateman’s Horrible Bosses opens on 22 July 2011, while The Change-Up opens on 5 August 2011.

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