If you liked Spider-Man PS4s vintage comics suit, check out the second DLCs new Spider Clan look

Spider-Man PS4 (opens in new tab)’s second piece of DLC is inbound: Marvel’s Spider-Man: Turf Wars will arrive on November 20, and it’s bringing a certain hard-headed villain as well as a new trio of suits. If you liked swinging around New York and posing for photos in the Vintage Comic Book Suit, you’ll probably get a kick out of the Spider Clan Suit as well.

The Spider Clan getup is a recreation of Peter Parker’s appearance in the Spider-Man Mangaverse, part of the broader Marvel Mangaverse the comics publisher created in the early 2000s. In that world, Peter Parker was the last of a long line of ninjas as taught by his sensei Uncle Ben. Whether or not you know the source material, the new Spider Clan suit is especially notable for playing with Peter Parker’s proportions (say that three times fast), giving him a more cartoonishly lithe build and just a touch of the ol’ cartoon balloon head.

The other two new Spider-Man PS4 suits (opens in new tab) coming in Turf Wars are the paramilitary-looking Spider-Armor MK I (as first seen back in 1993’s Web of Spider-Man #100) and another, more comics-faithful version of the Iron Spider Armor. The classic look makes its Stark connection extra clear with a vibrant red-and-gold color scheme.

New Spider-Fashion aside, you’ll find New York once more in a state of upheaval as Turf Wars gets into gear, with steel-noggined mobster Hammerhead sending New York’s crime families to war with one another. Peter Parker will work with Yuri Watanabe once more to quell the violence, which we can only hope means the return of Spider-Cop. Or maybe Insomniac will save that for Silver Lining, the third and final DLC set to arrive in December.

Family, friends, and fans the world over are celebrating the life of Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee after he died at 95 (opens in new tab) on Monday. 

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