Hulk TV Series May Still Happen

But it may not be dead.

ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee has revealed in a conference call that ABC Studios, the show-making wing of the network is still hoping to bring the not-so-jolly green giant back to the small screen.

Lee said that ABC is working to have the show ready for the 2013-2014 season. “We had hoped it would be ready this year, but that didn’t happen,” said Lee.

And it may not even end up on the ABC network. “Wherever it would work best,” said Lee. (Ah, we can only dream of an HBO version of the Hulk…)

AKA Jessica Jones , another Marvel inspired show in development at ABC Studios (with Twilight scripter Melissa Rosenberg on board), is also still bubbling away in development, although, said Lee, “Other projects are more toward the front of the queue now.”

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