How to forge the perfect Deathwing costume

Justin says his artistic abilities are limited to “stick figures and shadow puppets,” but he and his wife managed to craft an impressive likeness of the deranged, former Earth Warder from basic art supplies. The costume involved Styrofoam, papier mâché, paper clay, leather, Wonderflex (a plastic that can be molded when heated), fabric, household rubber mats, and tons of velcro.

Although he admits there’s not much mobility with those huge Blizzard shoulder pads, he did cut quite the striking figure at BlizzCon 2011. Check some other highlights from this series on cosplay crafting; there’s an incredible rendition of Paladin Judgement armor and a stunning take on StarCraft 2’s Adjutant.

Above: Justin’s diary details the process of building his Deathwing costume

Above: This Adjutant costume was our personal favorite from BlizzCon 2011, you can find out more about how this costume was crafted here

Head to our BlizzCon 2011 gallery for more photo’s of great costumes from the event. And for those of you who aren’t confident of their crafting skills, we highly recommend our Homemade videogame gifts for the craft impaired feature for easy projects that look great!

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