Henry Cavill zooms onto a new Man Of Steel poster

Man Of Steel has unleashed a new poster onto the interweb, highlighting that ‘raw’ style of flying that director Zack Snyder has spoken of.

Henry Cavill has a steely, determined look in his eyes, as his Superman flies, fists clenched, towards some unspecified disaster that needs averting.

While some posters would aim to show off their slick cityscapes, this one’s happy to leave it all in a blur as Supes rushes by. And there’s just a hint of lens flare thrown in, to remind us that the new-look suit is still blue (albeit a darker ‘petrol’ shade).

With every new poster/image/trailer/promotional-beverage-holder we see, we’re getting more and more stoked for this new vision of DC Comics’ most famous hero.

Check out the Man Of Steel poster in full below:

Man Of Steel opens in the UK on 14 June 2013.

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