Halo 5: Guardians Skulls location guide

Halo 5 (opens in new tab) carries on the series’ tradition of featuring gameplay modifiers known as Skulls. The majority of these Skulls add specific gameplay challenges, with some being more brutal than others. For example, you can enable Famine for fewer ammo drops or switch on Iron to remove the new revival option.

As always, 343 Industries have placed these Skulls in some hard to find spots throughout the campaign, yet the developers aren’t sadistic; all of them can be found with a thorough search and a keen eye. There are 13 Skulls in total, and some missions will have more than one while others have none at all. Head to page 2 of our Skulls guide and start grabbing them for yourself.

Looking for more help with Halo 5? We also have a Mission Intel location guide (opens in new tab).

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