Halo 4 trailer introduces series new composer: hear tracks from the game

Microsoft and 343 Industries’ latest Halo 4 trailer takes you behind the scenes on the game’s soundtrack. The fourth title features the series’ first new composer since Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatore began work on the original Combat Evolved’s score. This time, Massive Attack producer Neil Davidge lends the series’ signature aural palette a touch of the trip-hop sensibilities he’s previously brought to releases such as 1998’s Mezzanine.

If this trailer’s look into the score leaves you wanting to hear more, Rolling Stone has a stream of Arrival (opens in new tab), one of Davidge’s tracks composed for the game. Davidge says he’s been playing Halo since the series’ inception, with the first game a regular fixture in the Massive Attack recording studio. And you wondered why that band’s output had become more minimalist even as the Halo series grew progressively more expansive…

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