Gotham City Impostors delayed, vigilante Batman fun now starts in February

Since it was first announced, we’ve had more than a passing interest in Gotham City Impostors. The comedic, violent take on the eternal struggle of Batman vs Joker as a first person shooter looked like a fun diversion from the serious world of Arkham City. Now it appears the Batmobile lost a wheel, as the title’s planned release in a matter of days has been pushed to next month.

The team-based FPS was fairly entertaining when we previewed it last month (opens in new tab), but perhaps after the recent string of Betas, some last minute issues were found that developer Monolith wants to address. Warner Interactive now lists the release date as “February,” and hopefully we’ll have a more specific date soon. Ultimately this can only improve the title, but the delay is probably a downer for anybody looking to play a new game this month.

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