Ghost Recon: Future Soldier class guide

Welcome to the future, soldier. You’ll find out that your run and gun tactics won’t work in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Surviving in this world will only be accomplished through careful planning and team work. Completing objectives as a team will earn you bigger rewards and further your career as a soldier. Below, you will find some starting points and tips for you to begin that career. Class descriptions, weapon ideas and equipment tips will all be listed for you to look over. Prepare soldier, you’re about to go to war!



General Tips

Taking objectives is the key to winning the match. Running around killing other players will only gain you a single point. Winning objectives will get you 100. Working as a team, capturing points, and stealing them away from your enemies will earn you more experience than simply running around gunning people down.

Compliment your team by playing different classes. It pays to have a Scout in the back sniping while an Engineer rushes the objective with Rifleman support. A team made up solely of one class is going to have weaknesses that can be exploited. Diversity is the key to success.

Map knowledge is important. Take the time to learn the maps. Sight lines, pathways and good cover are all important. Knowing where the enemy can come from and what they can hide behind will help you greatly throughout the battles.

Move carefully across the maps. Simply running around in the open is a good way to get some extra head ventilation. Pay attention to enemy movement and what equipment they have placed. If you see the words “detected” on your screen then it is safe to assume you will soon be the target of some unfriendly bullets.

Leveling up happens at a good pace so make sure to spend your points. Guns can handle completely differently after getting some modifications. Classes can also change over time based on what you unlock. Make sure to take the time to look through your options and pick what will suit you best, and don’t be afraid to explore.

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