Gearbox casting for real-life Lilith actress

Calling all Borderlands cosplayers! Well, all red-headed and impossibly proportioned female cosplayers, to be specific. Gearbox Software has issued a casting call for a Lilith look-alike to join the studio for some live-action filming for its upcoming Borderlands sequel, with the possibility of getting some extra promotional work if you can fit the part and – more importantly – fit into skin-tight leather outfits…

According to the studio’s press release, it is seeking females between the ages of 18 and 30 who can take three weeks off in December to help it shoot scenes for Borderlands 2 in Dallas, Texas. No acting or modeling experience is necessary, however Gearbox is looking for someone who closely resembles the red-headed phasewalker from the original in both appearance and actions. To help potential candidates get a better feel for what it is after, the studio has posted sample Lilith poses and a Guardian Angel demo video.

The cut-off for applying online is December 3, however you can also strut your stuff in an open casting call on December 7 at the Janimation headquarters in Dallas. The successful Lilith actress will receive $1000 US a day for her efforts, the opportunity to feature in upcoming promotions, and the undying love and adoration of Borderlands fans for time eternal.

Think you’ve got the Lilith look and monk-like patience to deal with drooling fanboys? Check out the full job details on Gearbox’s application page.

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