Friday Screen Flare: Doctor Who, Minions And More

Graphtastic Doctor Who

Ever wondered how long it would take you to watch every episode of Doctor Who back to back? Or which writers and directors have been responsible for the most episodes of Doctor Who ? Or which screen stories took the longest and shortest time before they were novelised? Paul Smith can reveal all this and more with the aid of a graph. A few dozen graphs, actually. And in the tradition Information Is Beautiful (opens in new tab) , Smith’s graphs aren’t just functional, they’re works of art in their own right. They’re all available in the incredible Time And Space Visualiser: The Story And History Of Doctor Who as Data Visualisations (opens in new tab) , available now.

Click here and here for larger versions of the images.

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Eccleston’s Back!

And cuter then ever! Well, not that he’s ever been that cute before. Another brilliant episode of Doctor Puppet .

Fantastic Voyage Remake

Someone has shrunk a scientist photographer and injected them inside one of Despicable Me ’s minions. He thinks he’s there to burn away a brain tumour with a laser, but discovers that the Minion has no brain. Which is no great shocker, to be honest.

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Hang on… are the Minions appearing in Pacific Rim as well?

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Ah no, that’s what’s going on: a balloon version of a Minion made a fly-by at the annual Bupa Great Manchester Run last weekend.

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Achtung Baby

We see the dancing baby from Ally McBeal is desperate for work, appearing on the tasteful cover of the new Iron Sky graphic novel, that’s one of the, erm, “perks” available in the Crowd Funding campaign of the sequel at IndieGoGo, at the address .

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Abridged Too Far?

Apparently this mad general in this week’s Da Vinci’s Demons – who lost an eye, then had the bridge of his nose partially removed so that he could maintain peripheral vision – is based on an historical figure: Federico da Montefeltro. Today he’d be the star of his own Channel 5 series.

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Zombie Dawn

Here’s a heads up for a South African supernatural drama series, Room 9 , that’s set to air here in the UK on the Africa Channel in July. We sense a cult hit coming on.

Bread Sticking It To The Man

We think the sound effect with this picture should be: SNACKED! [Via Baguette-me-nots ]

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Star Trek (Tatt)2

We kinda wish Jason Criss has uses a more, erm, accomplished skin artist, but we do love the idea behind his knuckle tattoo. [via geekytattoos ]

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