First DLC arrives for Assassins Creed III season passers

Assassin’s Creed III’s first round of DLC is available today for season pass holders, though customers who pre-ordered the game may find some of it a bit familiar. The Hidden Secrets pack will be available across PC, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live for non-season pass plebs on December 11.

That familiarity we mentioned? Well, the pack is composed of three individual missions: the Lost Mayan Ruins, the Ghosts of War, and a Dangerous Secret, which were all individually available as retailer-specific pre-order bonuses. Ubisoft says they make for about an hour of content together, and the pack also includes two single player costumes and two new multiplayer characters.

The five-piece $30 season pass will also include the Tyranny of King Washington alternate history DLC in three parts, and the “Battle Hardened” multiplayer pack, which adds new characters and maps to the multiplayer mix.

Wii U assassins will have to wait for further news on their DLC schedule, as Ubisoft only said the content will arrive on the system “at a later date.”

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