Firewatch is a freak of nature in third-person

Firewatch (opens in new tab), like many video games, is played entirely from a first-person perspective. And it turns out there is a very good reason that the game never pulls back the camera: main character Henry is a shape-shifting nightmare. Campo Santo art director Olly Moss shared some startling behind-the-shoulder looks at Henry on his Twitter account. They are not for the easily startled.

Firewatch animation in third person reveals a nightmare human carbuncle. 11, 2016

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Go home, Henry. You’re drunk. 11, 2016

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Walking simulator. 11, 2016

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We had to cut this Henry reveal. 11, 2016

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With linebacker shoulders and Mr. Fantastic hands, it’s little surprise that Henry spends his time out in the wilderness, associating with others only through handheld radio. Body horror aside, Moss’s tweets offer an enlightening look at the many tricks and illusions game developers can use to create convincing first-person perspectives. Seriously, though, those hands.

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