Eternal Law Preview

It’s the new law series with a twist from the creators of Life On Mars

“It seemed to us natural that if angels were going to save our souls, they would do this through the process of their work,” says Matthew Graham. “Otherwise it becomes Highway To Heaven where they’re really just do-gooders sticking their noses into other people’s business. We didn’t want that. We wanted them to legitimately be representing some kind of authority, and for other people to recognise that they represented authority. It just became natural that they were lawyers.”

“On Life On Mars and Ashes we were less interested in the story of the week than we were in the antics of our regulars, and the whole fun and irony of the timeslip,” says Ashley Pharoah. “Here the stories of the week feel very real, very raw sometimes, so texturally it feels very different to those shows.”

One thing you definitely won’t be seeing is angels in pristine white suits getting preachy in sterile white offices. “Oh god, there’s none of that – though they do have wings,” laughs Graham. “We don’t see them very often but you occasionally glimpse them.”

Read the full article in SFX 212.

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