Dying Light 2 True Friends mission choices and walkthough

The Dying Light 2 True Friends side mission is one of two times you’ll be looking for Nerys’ missing kids, Scott and Moe, who’ve run off from the Bazaar. The resulting mission will have you looking around to track down Nerys’ children and heading out into the infected city to find them. Obviously in Dying Light 2‘s world full of undead monsters and warring factions, anyone disappearing for a while is a bad thing, which is where your heroic actions come in. So let’s take a look at the Dying Light 2 True Friends side mission, choices, and where Scott and Moe have got off to. 

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Dying Light 2 true friends walkthrough

dying light 2 true friends

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The first stage of the Dying Light 2 True Friends quest gets you to look for the boys around the Bazaar. Scott or Moe are nowhere to be seen and there isn’t anyone to speak to initially, which can be confusing. However, there’s one person that can help: Dominik. He’s a small, easy to miss kid in the outside area of the Bazaar, on the side with the pumpkin patch – you’ll find him at the back wearing a red hat. 

Talk to Dominik and he’ll be obsessed with a missing stray dog called Buddy. Keep talking to him and changing the subject back to Scott and Moe and he’ll eventually mention the missing kids might be around King William XI Road. 

Dying Light 2 true friends

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Head to that area and look for the green military building below. You’ll know you’re in the right area because the objective will resolve to investigate the screams you might hear as you get closer. When you find the building and go to open the door, Scott will burst out and tell you that Moe is trapped inside with the dog and you’ll have to go in and rescue him.

Dying Light 2 true friends

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The inside of the building is hollowed out, so you’ll have to climb up to reach Moe. You’ll need to talk to him when you get there to find out what happened. There’s nothing you can really affect here: the outcome will be the same, so choose whatever tone you feel is appropriate to advance things. Eventually you’ll discover the dog, Buddy, who was mortally wounded protecting the children from Infected. This will lead into the first big decision you’ll have to make… 

Leave the dog or put it out of its misery in Dying Light 2 True Friends 

Dying Light 2 true friends

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There’s no good answer here, so just pick whatever feels right, the dog is sadly done for either way. Once you’ve made your choice you’ll have to fight your way out before you can head back to the Bazaar.

The final Dying Light 2 True Friend choice

Dying Light 2 true friends

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The final Dying Light 2 True Friend choices that appear at the end feel like they’re going to be meaningful, especially considering the branching arrow attached to the mission when you get it, but the story ends here. All the choices really do is change who you upset, by how much, and whether you want to be really honest or not. 

Here’s how the different options play out: 

  • Buddy died saving Scott and Moe: This is sort of the ‘good answer’. Scott, Moe and Dominik don’t get in trouble, Nerys is grateful, and everyone just sort of walks away.
  • Scott and Moe lied to you: This is the honest answer, where you tell Dominik what actually happened to his dog friend. Despite it being the truth, everyone is upset and Nerys isn’t happy. 
  • Scott and Moe will tell you everything: The ‘sort your own mess out’ answer is actually probably the best outcome. Forcing Scott and Moe to own up causes a lot of upset but Nerys is pleased you let them take responsibility.

And that’s the end of the Dying Light 2 True Friends Quest. You might well run into Nerys and her problem offspring later but for now, that’s this mission done.

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