Division stats, Titanfall 2 and new Quantum Break gameplay – The Wrap Up

It’s sneaked around to Friday again so we’ve chosen to celebrate this Valentine’s weekend news show with absolutely no reference to it at all. Instead, if you love Titanfall (opens in new tab), we’ve got more on the multi-platform sequel, if The Division (opens in new tab) makes your heart all a flutter we’ve got some interesting stats to give you, and if Quantum Break (opens in new tab) makes you want to fall into its Alan Wake-style eyes, we’ve got all new gameplay from that too.

What’s not to fall head over heels for? If you want to write Leon a Valentine’s poem, that’s perfectly acceptable too. Example below.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
We couldn’t tell the difference,
If Nathan Drake* sat next to you.

*Feel free to replace that with Kevin Bacon, Damien Lewis or any other celebrity of your choosing. Enjoy the show.

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