Deus Ex: Human Revolution augmentations guide

Augmentations are a huge part of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and picking the right ones can make a huge difference with how you play the game. The thing is, until you’ve spent your Praxis points, it’s not always clear how each upgrade functions. We take a look at all of your options and explain how each of the upgrades works and what kind of playstyle it’s best suited for.

Cranium Augmentations

Social Enhancer

This is an interesting aug that modifies how you can handle the game’s conversation and dialogue situations. During dialogue with a major character, three boxes will appear, one gives you some insight into the character’s background and personality, one is a meter indicating what your current level of influence with that character is, and the one in the upper left helps you determine what emotional type the person is. (Conversations with minor characters only get the last box displayed.)

While the character talks, each personality type box will flicker, indicating what kind of person you’re dealing with. At certain points during the conversation, you will be allowed to “chemically persuade” them by releasing pheromones and asking a question based on their personality type. Note that in some cases this chemical persuasion tactic will allow you to get information or rewards from characters that would otherwise not be possible.

Worth Buying?

Yes. It can be a huge help when trying to outwit the major plot characters, but the fact it can be used to get special outcomes definitely makes it worth it.

Radar 1

Tracks hostile targets/cameras on your radar, though you actually have to see them before they’ll pop up on your map.

Worth Buying?

N/A You get this one for free when you start the game, so enjoy.

Radar 2

Doubles your radar’s range and eliminates the need for you to see them before they’ll appear on the map.

Worth Buying?

Yes. There’s a lot of upgrades available for your map, but this is probably the only one you need. The extended range is good, but the fact it automatically detects enemies in the area makes it great. This should be one of your very first augments. It’s also an easy way to unlock the Transhumanism Achievement Trophy.


You begin the game with this maxed out, so there’s not much to say about this other than that it’s what allows you to talk to people on your coms without being heard by nearby enemies.

Worth Buying?


Stealth Enhancer

Noise Feedback

Displays a small circle around your character on the map, visibly displaying how much noise you’re making while moving and whether guards in the area will be able to hear it.

Worth Buying?

Not at all. If you’re trying to be stealth you should probably be crouch walking, which is totally silent. Running between point A to point B will almost certainly get you seen even if you aren’t heard.

Cones of Vision

Enemies, robots and cameras on your map are displayed with an MGS styled vision cone that reveals where they’re looking

Worth Buying?

No. While it can be a little difficult to tell which way some of the arrows are facing, you can usually easily tell where enemies are looking with a little scouting from behind cover.

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