Deadpools opening credits werent originally meant for the screen

If Deadpool (opens in new tab)’s marketing campaign (opens in new tab) didn’t have you convinced that this superhero movie was a bit different long before you bought a ticket, the unconventional opening credits should have done the trick. And the absolute best part, as revealed at a Silicon Valley Comic Con panel and reported by (opens in new tab), is that the funniest part wasn’t supposed to make it into the final cut.

“The idea for the title sequence was actually already in the script from the very beginning, at least the main part: frozen moments in the middle of this f***ed up car accident,” Blur Studio layout director Franck Balson said. “The one thing that wasn’t in there – originally, the titles were supposed to be actual titles, with actual actors’ names and stuff like that.”

The original version of the intro was made when only Ryan Reynolds had been cast for the lead role, Balson said. “At the time, since we didn’t know who was going to be in the movie, I was like, ‘okay, what do we have? So we have the hot chick, the bad guy, the CGI character,’ and just put all those names in there.”

Deadpool’s flashy intro was put aside as the cast filled out and other parts of the movie took shape. Much later on, with help from the film’s writers to make sure the jokes were all up to snuff, the sometimes uncharitable descriptions stuck.

“When we started replacing the names, [director] Tim [Miller] was showing it to Ryan, the writers, and the producers, and they said ‘you know what? I think we’re gonna go with what you had before, the one with the hot chick and stuff – it’s funny!’ And that’s how that got in the movie!”

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