DC Universe Online: Fight for the Light DLC launches Sept 6, free to current subscribers

Sony has announced the launch date for the first item of DLC for DC Universe Online. September 6’s “Fight for the Light” pack will add Green Lantern characters and scenarios to the game, which might seem a bit late as the Green Lantern movie came out months ago – but then nobody actually saw it, whereas fans of the Green Lantern comics are as devoted as ever, so everything’s probably fine. The DLC adds Light to the available power sets – and if you know what that means, you’re probably already playing the game, which means you won’t pay a cent for the pack.

Though Sony first teased Fight for the Light back at Comic-Con, it’s waited until now to unveil the pleasant surprise of offering the pack to current subscribers for free. Drag your heels on picking up DCU Online and you’ll pay an extra $9.99 for the privilege of battling the Red Lantern Corps in Coast City or fighting for control of S.T.A.R. Labs and Oa’s Sciencells Prison, not to mention outfitting your hero with new light-based powers and signing up with the Green Lantern or Sinestro Corps. If any of those words made sense, then this DLC is for you.

Sep 2, 2011

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