You dont have to wait for Batman v Superman to get a glimpse of the Justice League

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be the big-screen debut of the DC cinematic universe’s version of the Justice League. And while March 25 isn’t that long of a wait, I understand the desire to see the superteam come together ASAP. Thankfully, you can get your first glimpse right now. Behold, the Justice League of 2016:

The image comes from the DC Films Facebook page (opens in new tab) which, although created just today, has been verified as legitimate. The event you see mentioned in the image – “The Dawn of the Justice League” – is a special that will air on The CW tonight at 9:30pm Eastern. The event will feature new footage from Batman v Superman and Wonder Woman, a new Suicide Squad trailer, and interviews from cast and crew. Kevin Smith (AKA Silent Bob) will co-host with DC Comics Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns.

Until then, feel free to soak up the image above. Just not for too long – it looks like there’s a bit of dirt and grime flying around there. Superheroes have super dry-cleaning bills, you know.

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Images: DC Comics/Warner Bros.

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