Daily NewsRadar: Mini adventure Minit, more Morrowind, new Sonic Racing and Destiny 2s Xur

Friday is here, the working week is over, and a beautiful meadow of gaming time spreads out before you. Head into it informed with our roundup of the latest and greatest news.  

Minit is 60 seconds of monochrome adventure 

Find most adventure games too time consuming? Minit might be for you. While the game’s black-and-white looks will catch your eyes, it’s the minute-long game mechanic that’ll get its hooks into your brain. You have unlimited lives, but those lives only last 60 seconds, so everything from killing crabs to exploring has to be carefully planned. It’s absolutely worth its $7 price, and will be out on April 3. 

More Morrowind, now in handy card form 

The next big expansion for Bethesda’s Hearthstone rival is coming. The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Houses of Morrowind will launch on March 28, and will add 140 cards to the game. It’ll feature the five great houses of Morrowind and new three-attribute cards. You can take a peek at some of them here.  

22 seconds of (maybe) a new Sonic Racing game 

Sega was hanging with the hipsters at SXSW today, and dropped a teaser after the panel. It’s labelled top secret and sounds like a McDonald’s parking lot on a Friday night, but seems to promise that more hedgehog-based speeding is on the way.  

The Crew 2 has a new release date 

If you like your racing relatively hedgehog free, then The Crew 2’s new release date is here for you. The game will now be out on June 29, and you can sign up for access to the (undated) beta at thecrewgame.com.  

Where is Xur?  

Today the Destiny 2 exotic item merchant is lurking on Io, a little wander north of the Giant’s Scar landing zone. Among his wares today is Skyburner’s Oath, Celestial Nighthawk, Doom Fang Pauldrons, and Wings of Sacred Dawn. 

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