Check out these amazing things people have built in Fallout 76 (and try not to get CAMP envy)

Fallout 76 (opens in new tab) officially launched a while ago and while some players have dedicated time to exploring every inch of the vast Appalachia terrain in the Fallout 76 map (opens in new tab), others have set up shop. With the new CAMP system, you’re able to take almost any patch and make it yours. From mountainside lookouts to lakeside cabins, the options are endless when it comes to how to build the best Fallout 76 CAMP (opens in new tab) – as long as you’re within your CAMP area, of course. Due to the current bugs in Fallout 76 and CAMPs often disappearing, there’s nothing here quite as impressive as in our Best Fallout 4 Settlements list, but we’ve scoured the internet to find the best CAMPs in Fallout 76 for you so far.

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Cave Dweller

Kicking things off is a simple abode, but one that makes great use of the natural terrain. A short way west of Vault 76, Reddit user Zuslash (opens in new tab) found a cave and made his home right inside. He’s got all the necessities; a Tinker’s Workbench, Chemistry Station, Armor Workbench and a bed. What more do you need? He’s even got the Vault Boy statue found outside Vault-Tec University in Morgantown! Complimenting the rocky exterior is a fern plant and a stylish Vault-Tec lamp, while you can see the player character sat comfortably in the corner contemplating life. In the comments of the post, Zuslash said there’s an ideal place to put turrets so they can kill anything that tries to infiltrate too.

Trader Store

Many players have assumed the roles of traders in Fallout 76. Accumulating goods and bartering with other players is more than possible as you roam the streets, but what about when you want to set up a literal shop? Redditor TheManjaro (opens in new tab) has done just that. According to the description, they have a “good sized group of friends” and they’re the main builder. They’ve built this two-storey shop with a nearby shed and while it may not look like much from the image above, head to the linked Reddit post as there’s 40 unique images of the place. It shows TheManjaro trading and welcoming the customers, the cozy interior with chic red sofa, along with the open air yard complete with guitar, piano, cello, tuba and drum.

Gone But Not Forgotten

You may think that’s an odd name for a CAMP in Fallout 76, but when you read Shivan003’s Reddit post (opens in new tab), you’ll understand why. They spent an entire day creating a great CAMP, somewhere they could call home, but when they logged on to a new server after farming some wood, their camp was gone. They neglected to make blueprints of their impressive creation either, so the single image above is all that’s left. What he’d made was a roadside house with a generator up some outside stairs, with a brick and wood exterior. It looks great, although we don’t get to look at the inside as it is no longer.

Medieval Fortress

While some players opt for small, humble abodes that get the job done, YouTuber ParagonHex (opens in new tab) isn’t like that. He’s got an entire video series about creating different CAMPs and bases in Fallout 76 and his most impressive so far is definitely his Medieval Fortress. He’s clearly taken a look at our Fallout 76 CAMP Tips (opens in new tab) because he’s strayed away from a natural environment and instead built it right by the entrance to the Whitesprings golf course. He’s got four towers on each corner, a “bastion” in the middle protected by the outer walls. The best part about it is he doesn’t even need to build any turrets because he gets automatic protection by the Whitesprings robots!

Streamside Cabin

Back to the smaller, more practical designs now with JetVinny’s (opens in new tab) Streamside Cabin. They’ve picked up the perfect peaceful location where the stream makes a U-bend and plonked their cute cottage right on the inside. Surrounded by luscious greenery, a Vault-Tec University Vault Boy statue greets you as you approach the wooden bridge to cross the stream. The upper floor hangs over the entrance and in the comments, they’ve explained there’s a porch on the other side too. The perfect house in an ideal location.

Camp Whitespring – WARNING: Story Spoilers Are Contained In This Entry

This is a simple base by Reddit user Sasquatch27th (opens in new tab), but I love it because of how thematic it is. If you’ve made it to the Whitespring then there’s a good chance you’ve stumbled upon the Whitespring Bunker Entrance. Whether you’ve made it inside by completing the objectives at the Abandoned Waste Dump or not, you’ll no doubt have realised that bunker belongs to the Enclave. This camp is like the Enclave’s small barracks on the outside world, rather than being holed up underground. There’s two tents, a turret defending the entrance, a naked man, a Cooking Station, a Stash, everything you’d expect to see at a small U.S. Army Outpost. It may not have a roof to defend you from flying Scorchbeasts overhead but it’s a great way to continue the Enclave’s work and recruit more members.

Savage Divide Fire Tower

Found at the very top of the Savage Divide, east of Fort Prickett, Twitter user @ThoraldGM (opens in new tab) has created a Savage Divide Fire Tower. With a spindly foundation, it overlooks the Savage Divide. Which is, you know, helpful to look for any fires that may start. At the bottom there’s a number of crafting stations and workbenches, along with a picnic table for those who come by and fancy a spot of lunch. When you reach the top, there’s some homely wall decorations and two single beds, perfect for any couples who need an isolated getaway. Now I want to play Firewatch again.

One Foundation

The gist of this base is in the name, really. YouTuber Monkeypuzzle (opens in new tab) has thought out of the box when it comes to the game’s bugs and limitations by building his entire CAMP and base on a single foundation block. This means that as long as none of the upper areas are overlapping with terrain, there won’t be any problems placing it down. Relocating is no problem at all, the only setback is how long it takes to climb the stairs rather than entering through a ground level door. Thank goodness real physics aren’t in play otherwise this thing would come tumbling down at the slightest gust of wind.

Riverside Retreat

Another one by the edge of a body of water but this time, it’s next to a wide river. Redditor Pagonb (opens in new tab) set up his riverside retreat with three floors and a balcony perched atop a rock, along with a water purifier between the house and a shed. In the water, there’s also a large red fishing boat which provides some flavour to the location. There’s not too many defences up though so they’ll need to be on their guard from any passers-by.

Canyon Tower 

Across Appalachia, especially in the Toxic Valley and Savage Divide, there’s a number of small rope bridges. Redditor notnellaf (opens in new tab) has taken one of these and built on either side of the canyon it’s there to cross. With a tall tower on one side featuring a balcony and an outside workshop area, the structure continues on some ways down the cliffside. There’s a few turrets dotted about for protection and in the bottom of the small canyon, there’s some power generators and other machinery. It’s another build that makes great use of the terrain provided and could easily disguise as a pre-built settlement in-game.

Cliffside Bed & Breakfast

The first impression I get when looking at this small cottage at the base of a cliff is that I’d totally rent this place if it was on AirBnB. Reddit user Gorrir (opens in new tab) say they’ve hardly found any plans so far so it’s not as decorated and complete as they’d like but even still, they’ve done a grand job with it. The inside of the main building is spacious and homely, with potted plants and a bearskin rug, while the outside has “enough farming to supply 5x vegetable starch per growth cycle”. Outside you can see another separate shed with a few turrets and workbenches. 

The Literal Top Of The World

“I can see my house from up here! Oh wait, I’m stood on it.” This entry isn’t quite as impressive as some of the others we’ve listed but it needs to be included due to the incredible view and how Redditor rockslideistaken (opens in new tab) explained they reached that point. “You need the Jump Height mutation to get up there,” they explained in a comment. “Or a jet pack.” All that’s shown in the image is their character standing on a lion statue, gazing down at Appalachia below them, but what a location to build your CAMP. Credit where credit’s due, because it takes some gusto to live on what appears to be the top of a tree.

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