6 reasons why you need to play The Ascent

Now available on Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Game Pass, The Ascent places you in what would be a familiar future – one giant, amoral corp owns everything from the water supply to your nostril hairs, neon lights are popular – except that giant, amoral corp just went …

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Commenting rules and guidelines on GamesRadar+

Welcome!  Thanks so much for making time to be a part of this community. It’s incredibly important to us to have the kind of community that works together to keep things on track.  Commenting on an article means you’ve read these rules and have agreed to be held to the …

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What game would make the best Broadway musical?

We’ve got movie adaptations and spin-off TV shows coming at us constantly, but the more cultured among us want to know where are the big Broadway musicals? Where are the Destiny chorus lines? The Halo showstoppers? The Animal Crossing razzle dazzles? We got our team of gaming experts to come …

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