Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 pre-order bonus details

Activision has been encouraging users to pre-order Black Ops 2 since, well, since before the game was actually announced. “Pre-order now” banners were slapped all over the Black Ops 2 website thataccidentally went livehours before the official reveal.

Now they’re stepping up their game, revealing the incentives that will be offered to players who pre-order the game through North American game retail mega-giant, GameStop.

The pre-order bonuses will be launched in four different waves. Right now, a pre-order will earn you a two-sided poster, as well as a Modern Warfare 3 prestige token.

However, nobody yet knows what those bonuses will be. In the retail pre-order war GameStop, Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon are constantly vying to convince potential buyers to pre-order through their outlet. GameStop’s new gambit is the old “mystery box” routine.

With such a huge amount of money on the line with the impending launch of Black Ops 2, we’re betting the other retailers have their own plans in motion as well.

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