You can now buy Blood Rocks in Bloodborne and get all your weapons to +10

Okay, the Hunter’s Axe is clearly the best weapon in Bloodborne (opens in new tab), but in case you disagree or just want to have a collection of fully-upgraded weaponry, developer From Software has good news (opens in new tab): Blood Rocks – the crafting ingredient needed to boost a weapon from +9 to the +10 maximum – can now be purchased in-game from the Insight shop. Each Blood Rock will set you back 60 Insight, but at least it’s not like you’re spending real-world money.

Why is this a big deal, uninitiated Hunters may ask. Because previously, players were limited to one Blood Rock per playthrough, and it wasn’t easy to get. With more than 20 weapons in the base game alone, that’s a lot of grinding if you want your arsenal to be the best it can be. The Old Hunters DLC (opens in new tab) added a second Blood Rock, but it also brought with even more weapons. You could get more Blood Rocks by grinding specific Chalice Dungeons, but again, it was a long and involved process.

Purchasable Blood Rocks mean you shouldn’t feel quite as tethered to one weapon over all others. Go on and give that Whirligig Saw a spin.

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