Brink launch trailer highlights themes of class warfare, face-shooting

Splash Damage’s PvP shooter Brink is that rarest of things: a title whose distant release date managed to jump forward when everyone involved realized, you know what, stick a fork in this thing and let’s get some players on it already. Consequently, the release date %26ndash; which earlier saw jumps back from mid to late 2010, then further to mid-May 2011 %26ndash; is now set for May 10. Hey, that’s tomorrow (or maybe today, by the time you read this)! No more preview teasers, then %26ndash; here’s the launch trailer.

The new video details the game’s utopia-gone-wrong backstory and contains plenty of glimpses of the strongly Parkour-influenced gameplay, with the art and visuals on show placing the title somewhere between Team Fortress 2 and Mirror’s Edge. With the game’s conflict between slum-dwellers versus elites detailed, the trailer’s invitation to %26ldquo;choose your side%26rdquo; hardly needs stating twice… and by the time you’ve watched the thing, all factors will be in place for you to act on that decision.

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