Breaking down the 100 best games: What do our choices say about us?

100 games. 12 pages. 16,465 words. 375 comments (and counting). 30 years of history. 4 weeks of nominating, voting, arguing, ranking, then arguing some more. GamesRadar editors poured so much time, effort and tears into the making of last week’s100 Best Games of All-Time (opens in new tab)countdown that we sort of assumed we’d be sick of the thing and never want to talk or think about it again.

Curiosity proved us wrong. Once we’d picked and posted our 100, we began to wonder… what did those choices reveal about us? What are GamesRadar’s favorite genres and platforms? Our favorite publishers and developers? Our favorite year and country, even? And what about the readers… what did your reactions and comments to the 100 say about you?

Here are some of the surprising answers we discovered.

Our favorite characters

Our favorite genres

Our favorite place of origin

Our favorite ESRB ratings

Our favorite decade

Our favorite years within those

Our favorite platforms

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