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SFX Blogger Doctor Troo (Topham) was also at the Doctor Who preview screening last night, and her reaction

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Silence will fall.

You didn’t think The Moff would litter his opening series of Doctor Who with statements like that, then really leave them floating around in the Ether unloved and forgotten did you? What, even after the season came to a close and they were unresolved? Even after we all just sort of assumed that they must have referred to the end of the universe?
Take heart. I’ve seen “The Impossible Astronaut” now, along with “Day Of The Moon” (because if all I’d seen was “The Impossible Astronaut” this wouldn’t be a post containing sensible words. It would be a post of screams and hair-tearing – yes, don’t expect to be able to last wait between those two episodes without flailing like a headless chicken!) and I can assure you that you have not been left stranded with abandoned plot threads and forgotten ideas.

So what’s in store for you this year? We already know that Doctor Who is running as two little micro-arcs: Seven weeks, a break, then the remaining six weeks before another break and then the Christmas Special. Steven Moffat assured a room full of special guests at the Olympia (yours truly included) that this meant cliffhangers galore. Matt Smith seemed especially enamoured/petrified of the cliffhanger at the end of episode 6 (“Gangers”).

We’re also assured that there will be revelations about River Song. We already stumble over a somewhat heartbreaking one in “Day Of The Moon” (hush! No spoilers!), but we may find out who she actually is this year: the Doctor, the Doctor’s mum, and an older Amy Pond are all off the table (according to the question and answer session after the screening). Sorry. Well, I’m not sorry that it’s not the Doctor’s mum. That’s just not right.

Alex Kingston is excited about a particular new piece of merchandise due out later this year. Could she reveal what it will be? Well, no. That would be a spoiler. In fact just about everything anyone wanted to talk about was a spoiler – up to and including the names of the characters that guest stars will be playing throughout the year.
All I can focus, then, is on this year’s opening pair of episodes, and I can’t tell you what happens in them. Not because of any non-disclosure agreement. Not even because we were asked not to reveal one specific bit of information. No. I can’t tell you, because they are so brilliant, so awesome, so downright epic that to do so would be a crime.

Watch them. Then watch them again. Then, I’m sure, once the season is at an end we’ll all be watching them yet again.

Because I’m still not convinced that the Silence has fallen. Nor that it will for a long, long time.


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