Ben Wheatley and Michael Smiley to join Total Film at Latitude Festival for A Field In England screening

You might have already heard that Total Film will be partnering with Latitude Festival this summer, and we’re now thrilled to announce a special end-of-festival screening of A Field In England .

Taking place at 11.15pm on Sunday 21 July at the festival’s Film & Music tent, the screening will also include a very special Q&A with director Ben Wheatley and star Michael Smiley.

The event will be bringing down the final curtain on the festival, and promises to round things off in fine style.We’ll be taking questions from the floor, so this is your chance to grill one of the most exciting directorial talents working in England today.

Set during the English Civil War, the film follows a group of deserters who seek their freedom in the sanctuary of an overgrown field, only to find themselves captured by two men convinced that said field is hiding a hoard of buried treasure.

As it turns out, the field is hiding more than they might have bargained for, and it isn’t long before the group begin sliding into an increasingly ominous situation…

Directed by Wheatley and co-starring Julian Barratt, Reece Shearsmith and Peter Ferdinando, A Field In England opens in the UK on 5 July 2013. Latitude Festival will take place, appropriately enough, in a field in England between 18 and 21 July 2013.

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