Being Human To End With Series 5

The BBC has announced today that the current fifth series of Being Human will be the last.

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Rob Pursey, the show’s executive producer says: “Working on Being Human has been a truly great experience. From the first one-hour pilot, all the way through to this climactic series, we’ve been given real creative freedom and encouragement. It’s a credit to BBC Three that such an unusual idea has been allowed to flourish and evolve in its own unique way.

“I’d like to take the chance to thank Toby for his incredible writing and storytelling; the other screenwriters who’ve made the series their own; the three producers who’ve nurtured the show; and the many directors who’ve helped us establish the show’s unique tone. Being Human has also opened the door to new acting talent, including some incredibly exciting younger actors, which is a legacy we all feel proud of. We will miss Being Human , but feel inspired that there is a place for series like this on British television.”

Zai Bennett, Controller, BBC Three, says: “ Being Human has been a fantastic and faithful friend to BBC Three. It’s featured some truly exceptional actors and storylines through the years and I’d like to thank Toby and the production team for their vision and passion. However, all good things come to an end and at BBC Three we’re committed to breaking new shows and new talent and who better to pass that baton on than Toby.”

Series five sees our supernatural trio facing their own personal demons, and matters become more complicated with the return of Mr Rook, the shady figure whose government department protects the human world from otherworldly beings.

SFX is really miss this great show – especially as the new cast is proving to be a terrific combination – but it looks like it‘s going out on a high, and five years ain’t bad. Thanks, Toby and co.

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