Being Human “Making History” Spoiler-Free Preview

Our latest cryptic, teasing preview of the next episode

1. “Making History” is Being Human at its very best. Packed with shocking revelations and twists, it may leave you gasping for breath.

2. It’s also a complete tonal u-turn from the previous episode.

3. Depending on your political sympathies, one line might make you think of David Cameron and smile.

4. Hal develops a drink problem.

5. An unusual arsenal is cause for concern.

6. A vampire from the ’50s meets his maker.

7. Annie takes a tour.

8. Hal spouts the worst come-on lines you’ve ever heard.

9. We’re given an interesting health-and-safety reason why you should never wear a tie.

10. Tom participates in a spectacular event.

11. Good news, Damien Molony fans: he gets topless again!

12. Parallels between the past and the present will make you gasp.

13. The nemesis is revealed.

14. You may find yourself thinking of Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Ian Berriman

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