Batman Live: Footage From The Press Preview

CG concept art, lots of villains, explosions and Batman. A mere taste of what you can expect from the arena tour when it kicks off on 19 July in Manchester

A CG representation of how the arena will look when you first enter the Batman Live – Gotham City (there’ll be loads of Gotham-esque ambient sound as well – helicopters, police sirens, etc)

A sample of some of footage that has been especially created to project onto the massive video screen (which at points will be used interactively on-stage action):

A CG representation of Harley Quinn’s carnival as it’ll appear in Batman Live; then the shows scripter Allan Heinberg introduces you to the Wayne Mansion:

DC head honcho Geoff Johns on screen) is interrupted by the Joker who then introduces us to the cast of villains, before batman bursts in…

Tickets for Batman Live are on sale now. For more information about prices and venues go to: (opens in new tab)

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