Andrew Garfield talks The Amazing Spider-Mans Peter Parker


The Amazing Spider-Man heads up the new issue of Total Film magazine (out tomorrow!), and inside we talk to all of the key talent involved, including – of course – star Andrew Garfield.

The American-English actor takes over from Tobey Maguire to front the new franchise, and his take on the character is one of the most appealing hooks of the reboot.

On the chip-on-his-shoulder Peter Parker, Garfield said: ““He’s a lone wolf… Erratic, angry, rebellious.”

So, is the new Parker, who fights back against the bullies, not so much of a nerd, then?

“It’s cool to be a nerd now,” The Social Network actor told us.

“Peter is an outsider. Because that’s what he has to do to protect himself. He was dropped once; he doesn’t want to be dropped again. It’s difficult to get close to him.”

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