50 Coolest Movie Loners

Trevor Reznik (The Machinist)

The Cool Loner: An ultra-streamlined Christian Bale, driven to the brink of insanity by something in his past…

Does He Find A Friend:
He knocks about with Jennifer Jason-Leigh’s sweet-natured hooker, but largely on a transactional basis.

Zeke Tyler (The Faculty)

The Cool Loner: A high-school drug dealer, Zeke doesn’t have friends so much as customers. Still, all it takes is an alien invasion to bring him out of his shell…

Does He Find A Friend: He and the rest of the alien-hunters form quite the merry little gang.

Miss Havisham (Great Expectations)

The Cool Loner: Who needs company when you’ve got a grudge to nurse? Miss Havisham might not get out much but you have to admire her single-mindedness…

Does She Find A Friend:
Not so much a friend as a patsy upon whom she can take out her bitterness!

Chuck Noland (Cast Away)

The Cool Loner: A luckless FedEx exec who finds himself marooned on a desert island where he must battle for his survival.

Does He Find A Friend:
Well of course there’s good old Wilson…

Booker (The Expendables 2)

The Cool Loner: Chuck Norris’s lone mercenary appears to drift around the globe killing people and eating his lunch alone. He seems happy enough though!

Does He Find A Friend: He comes back to help the rest of the gang in the bullet-riddled final fight, so perhaps he now considers them his buddies!

Edward Scissorhands (Edward Scissorhands)

The Cool Loner: Tragically left to rattle around a grim Gothic mansion by his departed creator, Edward has never experienced much in the way of human interaction. However, that all changes when he’s discovered by a kindly Avon lady.

Does He Find A Friend:
Bizarrely, Edward ends up with a fair few female admirers, although his true love is a young Winona Ryder.

Rick Deckard (Blade Runner)

The Cool Loner: An angst-ridden anti-hero with a drink problem and a badass streak a mile wide. Friends? Who needs ‘em?

Does He Find A Friend:
His relationships can largely be divided into employers and targets.

India Stoker (Stoker)

The Cool Loner: Always a singularly unusual child, India goes even more off-beam following the death of her father. Then when her uncle arrives on the scene, even more so again…

Does She Find A Friend: There’s a brief buddying-up with one of the boys from school, but inevitably, it doesn’t end well…

Andy Stitzer (The 40-Year-Old Virgin)

The Cool Loner: A virginal, forty-year-old comic-book nerd might not sound cool, but Andy’s just shy. Behind all the social awkwardness is a pretty nice guy.

Does He Find A Friend:
He finds several, and a wife to boot.

Sam Bell (Moon)

The Cool Loner: A lone astronaut, with only a mildly sinister computer to keep him occupied, it’s a good job Sam is happy in his own company…

Does He Find A Friend: Can you ever truly befriend your clone? It’s a metaphysical conundrum…

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