50 Coolest Movie Cops

Red Heat (1988)

The Cool Cop: Captain Ivan Danko

Coolest Moment: Danko deals with an abusive, baseball-bat-wielding letch the only way he knows how – by giving him a well-placed, well-deserved right-hook to the jaw .

If He’d Been From Blighty: He’d still sound like he comes from Austria.

SWAT (2003)

The Cool Cop: Police Officer Third Grade Jim Street

Coolest Moment: Street earns himself a place on the new SWAT team when he shows just how good he is with a firearm. And, yes, he’s very good.

If He’d Been From Blighty: They’d make him wear one of those big, fluffy soldier hats in order to identify him as the team leader.

Maniac Cop (1988)

The Cool Cop: Matt Cordell aka Maniac Cop

Coolest Moment: The Maniac handcuffs a guy trying to get into his car late at night and then brings out a very sharp implement…

If He’d Been From Blighty: He’d carve St George’s dragon into the chest of every victim.

Witness (1985)

The Cool Cop: Captain John Book

Coolest Moment: “How do I look? I mean, do I look… Amish?” Book adjusts to life in the Amish community and attempts to make amends for the damage he’s done.

If He’d Been From Blighty: He’d attempt to convert all members of the Amish community to Catholicism, just like when the British Empire ruled the world.

Out Of Sight (1998)

The Cool Cop: Karen Sisco

Coolest Moment: Karen gets to know bank robber Jack. Rather intimately .

If She’d Been From Blighty: She’d be a sassy Brit/Latino with a cockney accent and a penchant for Mayfairs.

Insomnia (1997)

The Cool Cop: Jonas Engström

Coolest Moment: Engström makes a right mess of his plan to lure the killer out when the fugitive opens fire on his colleagues. When Engström returns fire, he accidentally shoots a fellow officer. He’ll make up for it later, though…

If He’d Been From Blighty:
Nobody would be able to pronounce the name of his forefathers correctly.

Turner & Hooch (1989)

The Cool Cop: Detective Scott Turner

Coolest Moment: It may not be official police work, but Turner struggles to give his new doggy partner a bath – something he clearly desperately needs. Proving he’s a smart cookie, Turner resorts to a lead and a hose

If He’d Been From Blighty: He’d get lumbered with a stinky, horrible English bull terrier instead.

Demolition Man (1993)

The Cool Cop: Sergeant John Spartan

Coolest Moment: Spartan and nemesis Phoenix fight to the death in the future world, which includes jumping through the air in slow-mo while firing two guns at once. Awesome .

If He’d Been From Blighty: We’d still struggle to understand him.

Starsky & Hutch (2004)

The Cool Cops: David Starsky and Ken Hutchinson

Coolest Moment: Starsky gets mean during an interrogation session, throwing a chair, then bits of paper, and then rubbing a cigarette into oblivion – WITH HIS BARE HANDS.

If They’d Been From Blighty: Hutch would be wearing a big fluffy jumper with the Union Jack on it.

Leon (1994)

The Cool Cop: Norman Stansfield

Coolest Moment: Stan gets his comeuppance when Leon blows him to smithereens using grenades strapped to his chest. Don’t become a DEA agent and then do drugs, kids.

If He’d Been From Blighty:
He’d still be played by Gary Oldman.

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