30 Worst Movie Extras Ever

Coach Carter

Extra Fail: As Coach Carter cancels a game, one extra takes the news particularly badly.

Why They’ll Never Make A Leading Man: An inability to just dial it down a notch. We suspect he’d only be good for scenes that require him to drop to his knees and yell “Nooooo!” at the sky.

Quantum of Solace

Extra Fail: As Bond takes a quiet moment on his motorbike, one extra in the background sweeps thin air.

Why They’ll Never Make A Leading Man: Failure to commit to the role. Clearly unwilling to get his hands dirty for the sake of his art.

Planet of the Apes

Extra Fail: As the apes throw rocks at their human escapee, one can be seen putting in no effort whatsoever.

Why They’ll Never Make A Leading Lady: No upper arm strength means that this extra would be useless for any stunt work. Or, indeed, any work of any kind.

Die Hard 2

Extra Fail: As a panicked crowd flee the scene, one extra rolls around on the floor… for no reason.

Why They’ll Never Make A Leading Man: If he makes a meal out of simply ‘running away’, imagine what he’d do if he got some actual dialogue. It would be more overacted than watching Nicolas Cage play William Shatner.

The Dark Knight

Extra Fail: Harvey Dent’s press conference about arresting Batman gets out of hand when someone yells “No more dead cops!” (at 1.05 in the clip) and the extra sitting directly in front of him agrees with this more than he has ever agreed with anything in his life.

Why They’ll Never Make A Leading Man: Inability to differentiate between ‘general agreement’ and ‘sheer maniacal terror’.

Everything Must Go

Extra Fail: Two children happily playing on the lawn suddenly get terrifyingly frozen in place.

Why They’ll Never Make A Leading Stars: Having obviously been told to ‘stay still’, these kids followed this instruction to the letter when perhaps some artistic interpretation was possible.


Extra Fail: In this diner scene, the man sat by himself behind De Niro eats his dinner and tries to fit in with the rest of the film. Fails miserably.

Why They’ll Never Make A Leading Man: Just too can’t-take-your-eyes-off-him ordinary. He’s like a charisma black hole – it’s fascinating in all the wrong ways.


Extra Fail: As everyone flees the beach screaming, this hairy-faced man happily wades in to greet the shark like an old friend.

Why They’ll Never Make A Leading Man: Inappropriate method acting. He has obviously come up with his own character motives for this scene.

The Last Samurai

Extra Fail: This horse expresses his displeasure – perhaps at his lack of lines – by lashing out at a fellow extra.

Why They’ll Never Make A Leading Horse: Unable to control his temper, it would basically be like trying to work with the horse equivalent of a mid-rant Christian Bale.

Robocop 2

Extra Fail: As an angry audience express their displeasure at this speaker before settling down, one extra in the background hasn’t quite finished being annoyed.

Why They’ll Never Make A Leading Man: He just can’t keep up with the other actors. He’d be rubbish in a Fast And Furious movie.

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